Spring 2018 Sailing Schedule for Vashon Tuesday May 1, 2018


People who choose to live on an island, want to get away from the rest of the people in the world. On Vashon Island, which is very rural, basically want to get away from the rest of the people in Seattle…and they want to make it very difficult and annoying for people in Seattle to get to to them – even though it’s a 20 minute Ferry ride. The ferries Sealth, Cathlamet and Issaquah to operate on the West Seattle-Vashon Island route are among the smaller in the fleet. Sailings frequently include a third destination on the route, Southworth. So, the passenger and vehicle capacity of each vessel has to be divided between the two destinations..

People destined for Vashon and Southworth frequently bicker over who get’s boarded first and second. Capacity is always a problem. Since it takes 45 minutes to get to Southworth, and 20 minute to Vashon the two groups of regular riders compete every three months for the best sailing times.

The ferry terminal in Vashon Island is located right in a residential neighborhood, and there is not a lot of space for waiting lines.

So the entire exercise of drafting the “right” schedule is a process full of frustration and unmet expectations.

Island people basically want to get away from the world, and rejoin it on their momentary whim, and they don’t care how unreasonable they are being.

The Vashon Island Ferry schedule is unhappiness defined perfectly.

This is the fifth in a series of posts that follow a list of Practical Applications for the Spring, 2018 Special Edition of Field Notes, West Coast Series. You can read the suggested Practical Applications for each edition on the rear inside of the cover. It is a salutary exercise to to actually try each suggested use! I am using them as “writing prompts”.


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