Old Sonics Playoff Rosters

This is the fourth in a series of posts that follow a list of Practical Applications for the Spring, 2018 Special Edition of Field Notes, West Coast Series. You can read the suggested Practical Applications for each edition on the rear inside of the cover. It is a salutary exercise to to actually try each suggested use! I am using them as “writing prompts”.

Oh, this one was a fun practical application to research because it causes me to remember the excitement in Seattle over our only NBA championship. In a finals rematch with the Washington Bullets, who defeated us in the 1978 finals, we overcame the Bullets 4-1.

This was the 1979 NBA Champion Seattle SuperSonics:

Coach Lenny Wilkins
Center Dennis Awtrey
Guard “Downtown” Freddy Brown
Guard Joe Hassett
Guard Dennis Johnson
Forward John LaGarde
Forward Jackie Robinson
Forward Lonnie Shelton
Center Jack Sikma
Center Paul Silas
Guard Dick Snyder
Forward Wally Walker
Guard Gus Williams

It was a very different era in the NBA than now!


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