Old Sonics Guitar Tabs

This is the third in a series of posts that follow a list of Practical Applications for the Spring, 2018 Special Edition of Field Notes, West Coast Series. You can read the suggested Practical Applications for each edition on the rear inside of the cover. It is a salutary exercise to to actually try each suggested use! I am using them as “writing prompts”.

I was fun to try out this practical application for this edition of Field Notes because I am not a guitarist, and I don’t know what a “guitar tab” is at all, but I do have friends who are guitarists (of a special persuasion).

A guitar tab is an illustration of the six strings of a guitar. The top line is the thinnest string. The bottom line is the thickest string. Some guitarists really don’t know musical notation, so they use illustrations like this to tell where they should place their fingers. So, for example, here is a guitar tab for The Witch by the Sonics.

56E835C4-EA6C-41F6-9AF5-F4D95794700AThe interesting aspect of this Field Notes Practical Application relates to the band, The Sonics. This band was an American garage band that formed in 1960 in Tacoma, WA. Their sound had a big influence on punk, grunge and hard rock. For example, right here in the Pacific Northwest none other than Kurt Cobain cited them as an influence. So this practical application is a clever wink in the West Coast edition of this Field Notes to a West Coast band, from none other than T-Town (Tacoma, WA). The larger lesson is one potential application for your Field Notes is write down guitar tabs or fingerings that you pick up in your travels. No music notation needed.


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