How do I write and blog

  1. Get up early and get on the bus to University of Washington Suzzallo Library Coffee Shop.
  2. Set up my food: Big Coffee with Half-and-Half and something healthy. This morning it is fruit and cheese.
  3. Tilt my iPhone on my improvised stand. Connect by Bluetooth Apple Magic Keyboard.
  4. Start Ulysses App, an amazing Markdown editor. It is developed and marketed by it’s creators in Leipzig, Germany.
  5. No laptop! Just keyboard and iPhone!
  6. I publish to WordPress from a menu choice within Ulysses. Just a click away. Check out my blog, comment, and follow me so you get notices that I have updated my blog.
  7. Among other subjects, I blog about astronomy, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercise and sports, farming, books, and interesting scenes, objects and people I meet every day. I try to keep it light, cheerful and positive. Call me out if I don’t.

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